Friday, March 27, 2009

Tornados and homemade laundry soap

It's Friday afternoon,I had hoped to have pictures of my rose garden by today,but mother nature had other plans for us.We have had rain for a couple of days and today We had 3 tornado warnings in our area.I spent 20 minutes in a closet in the interior of our home waiting for one to pass.My husband had a nephew and his wife killed in one last month so i take them more seriously than I use to.
Hopefully weather will cooperate and I can get back to gardening next week.
I did make homemade laundry soap this week. I got the recipe from Lea's blog"farmhouse blessing". I really like it, it smells great,cleans well,saves money and just feels good to make homemade things for my family and home.
Have a blessed weekend!


  1. So sorry about the loss to your family. Tornadoes are certainly nothing to ignore. We are still trying to figure out an affordable way to put in a good shelter.

  2. Sorry to hear of your loss. We had a tornado past just on the outskirts of our little town last year and it was mighty scary.

    I love visiting your blog. The color is so bright and cheerful.

  3. Oh, Elizabeth, I'm so sorry about the loss in your family! I had to run up to the bank and it started really coming down when I was about halfway home. I had the radio on and started praying and praising (in faith) when they said one tornado was 8 minutes away from Panacea. Our road is a booger when it rains like that, so it was slow going. I keep wisihng we could have a basement.

    Funny you made laundry soap... I was just looking at a recipe, thinking I should do that next week. 8-]

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  4. Lizbeth,Joyce,SophieMae,
    Thanks very much for your kind comments.
    Love, Elizabeth

  5. I also am sorry for your loss. I am not in Tornado land so I am so grateful for that. Just seeing them on T.V. scares me silly. Glad you are O.K. The laundry soap you made for family is such a nice gift. See you soon Pearl

  6. Oh Elizabeth, I am so sorry for your loss. How awful--I can't even imagine. My prayers are with you and your family at this time. And I do thank you for all your kind comments at my blog. They always encourage me so much. Blessings, Debra

  7. Hi Elizabeth,
    I survived the unplug. I did blog about it and all it's glory! LOL.
    How scary about the tornados and your husbands loss. Very sad. At least in Florida we know when a hurricane is going to strike and pretty close to where. Tornados have always scared me.
    Big hugs to you today.

  8. Hi My sunny blog friend, I am just stopping by to thank you for your kind words and well wishes for my recovery. I am feeling a little better but i think i will need more antibiotics. I have a doctor apt. Wed. Oh my Elizabeth, How scary it must have been for you to have to hide in the closet! A tornado is so unpredictable. I am glad you don't ignore the warnings. So many people do.I am glad you are safe. I am sorry for your familys loss. It is very sad. I miss my blogging and hopefully will post one day this week. As for now i am just visiting. Have a happy day.

  9. Pearl,Debra,Kim & Dee,
    Thank you all very much for your kind comments. I will be posting today about our weekend,it was very nice,just what we needed.