Monday, August 25, 2014

fall is in the air !

It is cooler today and with the lower humidity and breeze blowing it feels like the beginning of fall. I am so ready for it! We took our granddaughter and a friend to the beautiful springs near us yesterday and even though the temps were in the 90's, it was nice with a breeze blowing. As summer comes to an end I am looking forward to the new season and all the fun activities it brings!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A busy August !

August has been a very busy month! My birthday on the 4th, our Anniversary on the 17th and school started on the 18th! A lot of celebrating and getting in the last of the summer activities and shopping for school. I am again this year getting up at 6:00 am to drive to my Granddaughters home to pick her up for school, she lives in a rural area and I cannot stand the thought of her waiting in the dark for a school bus. I also enjoy this time with her every morning. She will be turning 13 next month and I know it will not be long before she is too busy to have a lot of time with her Grandma!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Summer is almost over !

I have not been on blogger for several months. I thought the 1st day of August would be a good time to post and catch up with everyone. It has been a busy summer. My house has been full of children enjoying the things of summer and a few weekend trips. I have enjoyed it but I am ready now for school to start and all the fun things of fall to begin! I am off now to see what all of you have been up to!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter is on it's way !

I am just as busy as I can be, doing what I love the best, getting ready for Easter at my house! The menu is made: Baked Ham,& chicken dressing, fresh Peas, fresh corn on cob, sweet potato soufflé, pineapple soufflé, stewed squash, potato salad, fruit salad, Mac & cheese yeast rolls, Tea and coffee. The groceries are bought, house is decorated! Today I just have to wash and iron all the tablecloths and scarfs and put them back on. I actually cooked the chicken for the dressing last night and chopped the celery and onion. Today I have a Chocolate cake to bake ( My Grandchildren's favorite) and the prepping to do. I will be up bright and early in the morning getting it all completed. I so enjoy doing things for my family. I enjoy every minute of it. We also have neighbors joining us this year, the more the merrier! After we eat tomorrow the children will have a Easter egg hunt.It will be a wonderful day As we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus ! Happy Easter !

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

St. George Island

This past weekend we actually got to sit on the beach and enjoy the sunshine,it was a wonderful 80 degrees! Then Monday morning on the national morning show I hear that St. George Island is voted # 3 for the most beautiful beach! I have to agree it is beautiful with the white sand dunes and emerald water! I guess I am dating myself but I can remember when it was only sand dunes and water. It is now a State Park, fishing piers, condos, beach houses,restaurants and stores,I look forward to spending a lot of time there this year!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

It is a busy and beautiful Spring !

This is a busy month at my house. I am cleaning and decorating for Spring and Easter,planning the menu for Easter dinner, it is basically the same each year but I always like to change it up a little bit! I also have a wedding reception to plan and guest coming at the end of the month and a college graduation. The weather has been beautiful, a little cool in the mornings and warming up into the 70's with lots of sunshine!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Weekend at boat show,visiting and antique mall !

This past weekend was our annual boat club show at Tavarre's Fl. It was storming this year at the show but it was still enjoyable, getting together there with friends we have not seen in a year or so. We were also able to visit with my husbands brother and his wife who are only an hour drive from the show and we also went to Rennigger's antique mall where I found a beautiful trio teacup set that I had to bring home with me! We are now back home and the weather is wonderful sunny skies and highs in the 80's with lows in the 40's at night, does not get much better than that!