Thursday, October 3, 2013

Beautiful morning sky and Tropical Storm

The sky was beautiful this morning, as I was driving my Granddaughter to school. I wish I had my camera with me, I will put it in my purse tomorrow morning so i can capture those beautiful pink colors in the sky,if they are there again tomorrow morning. We have tropical storm Karen in the Gulf which will impact our weather. I have a beach wedding to attend next week so hopefully KAREN will be long gone by then!


  1. I did see that you have a storm coming your way. Hopefully, it will be a mild one for you there. Looking forward to seeing a beautiful sky picture from you soon.

  2. We to hope Karen does not tarry.
    Yes, morning fall sky colors are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing yours...

    Love and hugs from North Carolina...

  3. Just came from the Shipslog. Sweet comment and so true. I know exactly what you mean.... Facts are facts.