Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It is 19 degrees in Florida !

I woke up this morning to a cold 19 degrees,if only we could have snow too!
The sun is coming up and it will be a beautiful day. The weather man says we will be back in the 60's tomorrow. I know that the snow and cold can be hard on those of you in the North,but for a Florida girl it is so nice to get a little of it here.


  1. Well I do hope you enjoy the cold while you've got it. We are supposed to have a little warm spell by the weekend and be 50 here. I am really going to enjoy that as we've been below freezing for about a month now.

  2. You Florida people are cute. :)

    Yes, 19 degrees is cold for you all down there! For us, that's a pretty typical high temperature for the day. :) Brrr....Keep warm...Debra

  3. Oh No,I would not like a month of below freezing or 19 as a typical high temperature,but I do like some cold in the winter and a little snow each year would be fine with me. If not for my grandchildren all here I would be considering a move to N. Carolina for sure! They seem to have just the right amount of cold and snow for me!

  4. This Flarda girl can do without THIS kinda cold, lol! I should've mailed the chocolate to my friend yesterday, but I was hibernating. Hope it isn't a brown puddle when she finally gets it. 8-}

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  5. Glad your enjoying it Elizabeth, I hope it snows for you tonight :)