Monday, September 20, 2010

It is in the air !

What a beautiful morning,fall is in the air. It is in the 60's this morning in N. Florida. As I stood out waiting for the school bus with my grandaughter and then taking my spaniel(Ellie) out for her morning walk,I was filled with excitement that we will soon be having brisk mornings,leaves falling and the sights and smells that are so wonderful this time of year. I am planning a weekend trip next month to see the leaves at there peak. This past weekend I began to get out my fall decorations and will soon be changing my decor for Autumn,I love this time of year!


  1. I'm glad you got out to enjoy the coolness of the morning. Those cold days will soon be here in Ohio but right now we are in the low 70's. The leaves are starting to change here.

  2. I'm with you Elizabeth, Fall is definitely in the air and I just love it!

    So glad to have had you stop by my blog and so glad I stopped by yours!
    I have already started to do a little Fall decorating and hopefully I will have pictures to share next week.

    Have a great time on your weekend trip!

  3. Soon the frost will be on the pumpkins...:) I love fall. Enjoy your fall tour. I fear our leaves hear in Michigan will not be as vibrant this year. I am really enjoying the gold and greens of the fields and the corn stalks.

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  5. Elizabeth...Thank you for droping by and telling me you found your ORIGINAL Chatty Cathy.....Oh Joy Of Happiness...!!
    I would so love to have my daughter's first one.
    PLEASE DO get her out... and even if her original dress is can find a darling outfit for her I'm certain.
    I would LOVE to see her....please let me know when you find her and post her picture.
    Ours was BLONDE..the one I have now is much more strawberry blonde.
    Maybe, if I find a blonde one in good shape, I will own her too, if her price is right.
    I just don't see them very often.
    I think she has such a DARLING face.


  6. We have been having a lovely Fall so far! Your temps. are a little nicer that ours.
    Thanks for visiting and leaving such a nice comment.

  7. Love your blog. You remind me of my grandma and the simple pleasures she was so good at pointing out to me. You offer a very valuable lesson. Thank you for sharing!