Thursday, January 14, 2010

I think I am over it !

We are suppose to warm up to the 60's this afternoon,so I think I am finally ready to take down my Christmas tree and put up all my decorations. We have had the longest cold spell, here in N. Florida, in 25 years. I think that is why I could not take the tree down sooner,but if we get back to the 60's, I think its time and I can get on with the New Year!


  1. Thanks for being my newest follower! I love that you'll be having warmth! I live in the mountains and we won't see 60 degrees till the first part of May...
    As for the tree, some people do leave them up all year. I think I'd get tired of it..
    Stop by again..I will too

  2. 60? You lucky duck. We are suppose to reach 40 this weekend and that is almost no coats weather for us Michiganders. The ice formation on the tree is very unusual especially for Florida.

  3. I'd LOVE to have 60 degrees! We might get to 40 this weekend and that's a heatwave here in Michigan - sure does mess up the ice for ice skating though. Thanks for visiting me and hope to "see" you again soon, Dawn

  4. Good morning Elizabeth! How have I been missing your blog????
    Thanks for visiting me and for the invitation...I love meeting new friends.

    I can't believe how cold it is down there. My husbands sister and husband are in Big Pine Key and they said it's even cold down there. Amazing.

    Well I'm off to read your blog!

    Hugs, Karen