Monday, January 12, 2009

The simple womans daybook

The sun is shining and its about 40 degrees outside,a beautiful Monday.
I should be doing laundry but I would much rather read about other women who enjoy
their "simple lives" as I do and hopefully learn to join you all in blogging.I am Thankful that I have found you all.I really did not know there are so many women who enjoy the simple things in life as myself.I have muffins baking in the kitchen and will soon start a big pot of lima beans cooking,I love those on a cold day,I will have fried cornbread and my homemade pear relish with them tonight.I am reading" proverbs" one of my favorite books of the Bible.I am hoping that it will actually get cold enough to snow this week. It does not happen very often here but we can always hope.I am hearing squirrels playing on the roof as I write.I live in a wooded area and have lots of squirrels,another simple thing I enjoy is sitting outside in my swing and watching the squirrels and birds.This week I have to start taking down all my Christmas decor and begin decorating for Valentines Day.I am going to put up a small white tree with pink and red ornaments.I love to decorate for every holiday another one of my simple pleasures.
Its going to be colder than usual this week ,in the 20's , so I am looking forward to having fires in my fireplace and drinking hot chocolate and rocking grandchildren by the fire.


  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    Welcome to blogging and thanks for the kind comments. I am new to blogging too, just started on the 1st of Jan. My advice is to just read and re-read the help instructions and don't be afraid to try something, as you can always delete it later. Stop again, Cindy

  2. Welcome Elizabeth! I am just beginning my second year of blogging and believe me, it has been a wonderful experience. I've met the most wonderful women and been inspired and blessed through their journals.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments. Look forward to visiting with you again.


  3. Thanks Cindy. I would never have guessed that you are new to blogging! Elizabeth

  4. Thank you Lea,I hope to be blessed and be a blessing to others as well.Elizabeth

  5. Hi Elizabeth, I'm Elizabeth from Grand Occasions. Welcome to the blogging community. I'm a brand new blogger as well and so far I'm enjoying it immensely, but trying not to become obsessed. Please stop by and visit me sometime. I'd love to get to know you.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. We are lucky enough to have a wood heater.