Thursday, March 10, 2016

It is coming !

Spring is in the air! We enjoyed coffee on the front porch this morning, 65 degrees with a nice cool breeze!


  1. I think it's coming here in central Missouri also
    We will go from the furnace one day to the air conditioner on the next soon

  2. I think it's coming to KY too! I love it!

  3. YES, Even in NC, green is popping out and flowers are blooming. Love it, since we left Florida too early this year.

  4. Hello Elizabeth, I saw that you followed me and I wanted to come over and see you, I'm so happy that I did! You have a blessed simple place here, and I look forward to following along with you.
    Here in the mountains we are in full winter weather!!
    This past week we have had quite a bit of snow. You would think it was Christmas tomorrow, not Easter. Ha! We need the moisture so it is all good. March usually brings with it plenty of snow, so it's no surprise to us.
    Have a beautiful and blessed Easter in all its glory.

    Joy! Debbie