Monday, August 17, 2015

33rd Wedding Anniversary !

Today we celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary! It has been a wonderful journey. Lots of good times and some sad times but through it all I am so glad to have had my husband by my side!


  1. It can last forever.
    Congratulations, a great mile stone. We are working on 59 years. She is still the most beautiful lady I have known.
    Keep it up. Love always allows for those bumps. Afterwards the smooth roads are great!

  2. Happy Anniversary my friend. You make a beautiful couple. Many happy times ahead! Blessings to you both. Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    Our anniversary is in January, and we will celebrate 28 years!


  4. Congratulations, Elizabeth to you and your hubby. You are a beautiful couple and glad you have weathered all of the storms that came your way.Thank you for your sweet words to me. I appreciate them very much..Happy Tuesday..Judy