Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Last weekend we had out of town guests Friday night. We took them out to a local restaurant near our home and then for a drive to show some of our little towns charm! Saturday after breakfast they had to leave for home. I had a nice quite day reflecting on the wonderful visit we had. Sunday morning we went on a day trip through some back roads and checked out a quaint little restaurant we had heard about and then on down to the Coast to St. George Island. We sat on the beach awhile, I walked up and down the beach picking up some lovely seashells. On the way home that late afternoon we stopped and visited with my twin brothers for awhile. It was a wonderful day. I am really learning to enjoy the little things and savor each one. My daughter is visiting from her new home in Baton Rouge . I cooked dinner for her and her children last night, even though I could not eat anything but a salad. I enjoyed cooking for them and seeing them enjoying it all. Life is good !


  1. A sweet entry. A time of relaxing and enjoyment. What a neat sacrifice to cook and not eat, 'cept the salad'. I know you had fun though. You plan it that way. 'tis good!

  2. It seems you have the best of things to enjoy there. Friends, family and a beach! How wonderful.