Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Getting ready for Fall !

My neighbor surprised me with this beautiful wreath she made. I love it and as if I was not already in the mood for fall decorating I am now for sure!
I will be busy today pulling out my other fall decorations and putting away the summer things. It does not feel much like fall yet but I know it is coming. I also plan to fill my pantry with the fixins for making chili and stews and of course pumpkin flavored coffees and hot chocolate! When the cool weather gets here, I will be ready!


  1. I love the wreath. I like Fall because no matter where we are, most likely the motor home will point toward Florida. We beat most snow birds down and normally stay until the nice quiet time when the birds have flown back north.
    I enjoy folks decorations for the seasons, has a festive feel to it.

  2. I was just thinking it was time to change out my door wreath for fall...I have been taking September photo's this past week...the changes are coming fast here in Michigan.

  3. I love the wreath. How cute ! I too will start my fall decorating today. It won't be long now and Autumn will officially be here.

  4. I am ready for Fall but it will be weeks and weeks yet, love your decorations.

  5. Cute wreath! Have a nice week.