Thursday, August 21, 2014

A busy August !

August has been a very busy month! My birthday on the 4th, our Anniversary on the 17th and school started on the 18th! A lot of celebrating and getting in the last of the summer activities and shopping for school. I am again this year getting up at 6:00 am to drive to my Granddaughters home to pick her up for school, she lives in a rural area and I cannot stand the thought of her waiting in the dark for a school bus. I also enjoy this time with her every morning. She will be turning 13 next month and I know it will not be long before she is too busy to have a lot of time with her Grandma!


  1. ahhh grandma, yep that is sweet and very important time because as you said, interests change, you smile and know it is coming, so yep, enjoy that time. She doesn't know it will happen bur we know it always does(yet).

    Sweet post...

  2. What a nice photo! I know you enjoy having your family close! Sweet hugs my friend!

  3. What a sweet grandma you are for getting up so early for your granddaughter. Sounds like August was a busy but happy month for you and your family. That is a great picture you shared!

  4. Beautiful picture, I hear you on the Grandaughter dilemma, I would do the same. I'm so glad your posting again! Have a great wend.

  5. That's wonderful that you are able to pick your grand daughter up for school. I would feel uneasy too. Have a lovely Sunday.

    1. Melanie, are you posting? I cannot find you!