Monday, June 21, 2010

A Happy Fathers' Day

I feel very blessed this Father's day because I had a wonderful Father, although he went to heaven when I was 16 and I have always missed him,but I also have a husband who is a wonderful Father and 2 son-in-laws who are wonderful Fathers's.

"A good earthly fathers' role is much like our Heavenly Father. A provider, counselor,friend. That role is so important that if you fail your children may seek to compensate for that in other relationships."


  1. It does look like a happy Father's Day at your house. I love what you said about a fathers role being so important. It is so true.

  2. What a wonderful looking family!
    Glad it was a good day for all - I too lost my Father at an early age.
    Hugs, Karen

  3. What a great post Elizabeth, my husband is the best father even to his step son who he raised as his own. God bless your husband and you for all you do. Good to hear from you! hugs Pearl