Monday, June 22, 2009

Dance Recital and busy weekend

It was a very busy weekend. Friday was taking grandaughter to have her ears pierced and hair done for the big dance recital, her first one,she was so excited.(grandma too)

Friday night was dress rehearsal from 4:00--10:45 .

Saturday night was the big night,it was great,brought 2 grandsons home for the rest of the weekend,while their parents are out of town.

Sunday we all made it to church , potluck afterwards and baby shower.

Cooking Sunday night Fathers day dinner for husband.Whew , I need another weekend to recuperate.I know these years will pass way too fast so I am enjoying every minute .


  1. Your Grand daughter looks so cute! How fun to be so involved with them. I guess you were busy! Sounds like I need to come over and help do some cooking and help with some eating! I'm not a fancy cook but I get it done :) Now, no more cooking it's time to jump into the hot tub and relax your bones. It's so good to see you posting! Have fun!, Pearl

  2. Thank you for sharing the delightful photos. It is a joy to see all their happy faces. I missed seeing my granddaughters recital this year so yours are like a little replacement. The days do go by so fast and sometimes there is just so much one can do and somethings have to be missed.

  3. Fun - fun - fun - and - cute - cute - cute. You are a busy grandma, that's for sure. It was nice of you to share the pictures. I miss dance recital days with my daughter. I don't think my one and only grandaughter is interested in dance- boo hoo! Dee

  4. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Looks like you have a busy life. You're right about enjoying the moments. Life goes by so fast. Mimi

  5. Enjoyed your pictures and looking over your blog so much! Thanks for coming to visit GrannyMountain and come again soon!
    Joy C.

  6. Awe they look so cute. Enjoyed seeing the pictures. Glad to see you posting too. You've been missed.